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Eccentric Hong Kong based artist, Glenn Eugen Ellingsen talks to us about plans for HK’s first urban bee farm and his current sound project, Vibrative

Name: Glenn Eugen Ellingsen

Occupation: Student and founder/Art director at 2 years ahead (

Current City: Hong Kong

What inspired you to create Vibrative?

I have thought about interactivity, sound, movement and space for a while since moving to Hong Kong. After the summer of 2011, I decided that I wanted to mix all these together to create an interactive installation. I have always been inspired by minimal but visual art pieces and that was my aim with Vibrative. I wanted to use different materials and textures, so I used wood, plexiglass, water and metal. 

What made it possible was a course i took in 2011 - Creative electronis workshop. I learned about basic electronics and how to work with Arduino. Working with Arduino made the Installation possible.

Is the interactive installation open to the public? If so, where and when?

Vibrative will be open to the public in 2012 but there is still not a fixed place or a date. 

Tell us about any other future projects your going to be working on and with whom.

I just participated in a group Exhibition that is curated by Linda Lai and Wong Chun Hoi, where I am showing 3 videos.

A current project and business is to be launched early 2012:

2 Years Ahead , a new sustainable lifestyle space, conceived and created in Kowloon, Hong Kong.  Founded by Michael Leung, creator of HK Honey, alongside Glenn Eugen Ellingsen, a multimedia artist, and Matthew Edmondson, a heritage professional, 2 Years Ahead will offer an urban rooftop farm and café, HK’s first urban bee farm and a multi-disciplinary studio and retail showroom.  Taking root in the former industrial community of Kwun Tong, now evolving into a hub for an emerging creative community.

We will offer a carefully curated selection of functional design products in our retail showroom; products which we believe in and use ourselves, and reflect 2 Years Ahead’s beliefs in living sustainably, and bringing nature and the outdoor lifestyle into the city.

This is the teaser for out first Zine coming out of 2 Years Ahead:

I have been just outside Oslo during christmas working on a photography project/zine, about nature and forests.

You can view some of the photos and the teaser on:

I have been sketching new ideas for other interactive installations, which I will create as soon as I am back in Hong Kong. 

So, everything will unfold slowly in 2012.

Interview by Molly Barron

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