The Human Condition

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Images and words by Brussels based photographer Catherine Lemblé

- I took the first picture this summer in Croatia. I liked the contrast between the brownish dark interior and the soft pastel colours from the beautiful nature outside.

- On the second picture you see a good friend of mine. She’s one of the few people I (often) photograph. Together we come up with some ideas for pictures. Some or bad, others good and some are a bit weird, like this one. This picture fits her because she’s a weird person, in a good way. It’s taken in her apartment.

- Caravans often draw my attention. I wonder where they have been or where they go or if they are still used. I feel also drawn to them because of their old-fashioned look and trumpery inside. This photo wouldn’t have been the same without the little flags. This caravan was resting at ‘de Schelde’, a river, in Antwerp.

- The fourth picture I took for a project I made. It was a picture taken in my primary school. I didn’t enjoy swimming. We used to get dressed in this room and then plash with seventy kids in the most uninviting pool ever: a pool of 25 meters in length and no natural light coming in. I like the shapes in this picture.

- The last picture is one I took of Sarah, a classmate, putting her pictures on the wall. She’s one of the best and modest photographers I know in real life. It was a beautiful room in our school but they demolished it for the new, concrete building.


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